Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Well the modeling stage has begun and things are going well, thank god for online tutorials. I do not know if i could have done it without them, at first but i helped Michelle out today and i did not need to refer back to the tutorial. This was a big step for me and i am now confident to model lamps and buildings.

Above are two images from Maya which i modeled. If you look closely they are very similar, the only differences between the two is the first image is a street lamp and the different type of lighting. My first image is most effective and will go within our environment, as we are hoping for a gloomy effect. The second image is not actually a light, i tested out what it would be to mould in the inside of the lamp and hyper shade it white, but as you can see, this is not really recommended but it is always good to test new things.

The Police Station

Stage one
Stage two
Stage three
stage four

Here are some shots of my police station that i have recently modeled in Maya. Everything has gone really well, and modeling a building is easiler than what i thought. When modeling i was unsure on how to do the doors and windows , but with a little help from a you tube tutorial link:, anything is possible. James and Ryan are in change of texturing and i shall be giving one of them the file with in the next few days.

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