Thursday, 4 February 2010

ChistleHurst Caves

Ryan, James, Michelle and i had a very interesting adventure today by going to the Chirstlehurst caves. This all came about once we done some research on the Internet and James mentioned that there was a cave in Chistlehurst but was unsure if we were able to actually go inside. After some well done research we had luck, and for a 45 minute tour around the cave it would cost £5 per person.

I must say that the tour was really insightful and i learned a lot of history which has never been my topic but had a lot to offer. This will really help our group to be able to model/texture our cave itself as we having a little difficultly to image how to portray it.

When having a tour round the cave, it was rather damp in places and had a really bad damp smell, which for me was breath taking..... Michelle and i took lanterns whilst the guys were being all grown up if you like, by not taking one. The cave was pitch black all the way through apart from when our tour guide would put his touch on to talk about bits and pieces.
James was our photographer and captured some really detailed images, he also got some textures as well, and you cant really bet anything better than actually being in a cave.
I recorded the whole thing so if you are interested in listening to what he had to say, then please do so, the only thing with this is that you will not understand where he is when talking. My other hand was busy holding the lantern so i was unable to take any photographs. I also got some recordings of us grinding our feet into the ground to create a sense of the rat running around the cave when it comes to the camera shots.

The best thing about the tour was when we all came to a really echo part of the cave and our tour guide went away to make a loud noise so that it would echo around 20 times after. He took our lanterns away and you were in pitch black, you really and truly could not see a thing. With our adrenalin running high, we did not know when he was going to create the noise. And then..............BANG!!!!!!!!!!! There it was the loud noise we were waiting for and wow, it did have a really long echo, and i kept thinking to myself people must have been so frightened as you never knew when a bomb may hit.

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