Monday, 15 February 2010


Ok so this is a section that i forgot to include, even though my group and i have spoken about this on more than one occasion, i have not really written about it on here.

The colour theme we are thinking of using are different shades of Blues and Purples, to give a slightly gloomy and gothic effect. We do not want to portray this as a scary environment as that is not what we are going for but more of a spiritual place. We could go for more natural colours like grays and browns, but we do not want this to be to realistic like a photograph, playing around with colour could give a really nice scene of emotion.

As i am sure most of you know blue is a cold yet calm colour, many of you could relate this to water or when you are feeling sad. We want to portray this as a calm colour so with the uplifting shades of blues and purples this should give us what we need.
I have always thought of purple as a spiritual colour. As i wear dark colours myself people say that gothic colours are black and purple. You would even relate purple to magic.

Here are a few images i think are inspiring for our colour grading:

If you look at the clouds of this image, i think to myself this is exactly the type of shading i we could use for our environment. It really draws you into the image, i really think this is beautiful and if we can go on the same type of level as this, we will have ourselves a mystic cave.

Here is a completely different type of shading, which has a lot more blues and blacks but i am drawn in to this image. This wouldn't quite fill our initial intentions but this could show a dark cave, where there has never really been any lighting for people to life in. This is something we could think about if our first hopes don't work out the way we hope.

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