Friday, 12 February 2010


There is my second building which i modeled, i have started to make more details after Jared said that they were a little simple, which i guess has made me notice more things to do, so, any feedback is good feedback for me to improve my work.

I have kept the house a similar shape to the police station as i want to keep the consistency through out the buildings, this will help to recognise the buildings as a town. Having a load of different type of buildings would not make any sense to what we are trying to achieve.

Here you can see i have added this brick effect on the side on the building to make the house more appealing and realistic, many houses have this effect and i thought this would be a step up from the simple building i done previously. This was just a try out and i asked the rest of my group to see if they liked this effect, which they all agreed to. So now i shall do this to the rest of the house to get an overall feel for it.

Here you can just see where i am making my windows, its hard not to put to many in though

This is where i changed the window layout and thought this would work better as the windows aren't over crowding the building.

This image was where i was testing out where to place the windows, as you can see i did not really like this layout as i thought the windows were all the same size and shape, plus they take over to much of the building.

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