Thursday, 11 February 2010


Yesterday my group and i had our formative. I did not expect to fill in our own forms but when i was going through the sheet, i actually relised that i am not doing quite as well as i had thought. I have a few things to include in which i actually forgot about, like colour, i have not really explained what our group are planning to have, so i shall get onto that straight after this. Our formative has opened my eyes a little to what needs to be focused on. Even though i have now modelled three buildings, they are a little to the simple side. This could look completely different once textured but i have already added some extra things onto my buildings such as window ledges and and brick effects the on side of the buildings. I don't want to include to much as the more i add, the longer its going to take and more will have to be textured.

So the things i need to start thinking about are:

What sort of textures do i want on my buildings?
Modelling my buildings to make them more realistic
Start playing around with UV mapping
And make sure i reflect on my work.

As a group i really think that most of our buildings and props should be done for next week as i know its going to take some time to texture everything, this may even be a little to much for just James and Ryan to be doing.
I am really interested as what this will look like as an overall piece, we have all created some really nice work.

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