Thursday, 28 January 2010


Here are some photos which i took whilst with my brother during the weekend to the British Museum. The building has some lovely detail and lovely pillars. I am thinking of using pillars for the outside of the police station as i am going to model this and my team mates are building houses. I am not totally sure if i will use this as a reference but as i was there i thought it would be a great building to capture.


As a team we have all been in contact everyday through our facebook group which Michelle created when we first made our team. We have really good communication and i am very happy with the way we are working. From here on in, i believe that we are going to start modeling, i know most of us are a little worried about this subject but we can all guide one another in the right direction. If we carry on working in this way then we should come out with a really great outcome! Go team S.T.A.R.S!

Friday, 22 January 2010

A mix!

Here shows some ruined buildings which inspired our group to have some ruins in our envionment as our underground city has been abandoned. This will help to show that no one has lived here for a long time. This also indicates a lonely feel to a envionment.

When looking through this book, when we saw this page most of us were blown away and really wanted to include a ancient tree. This however would not really go with our envionment so we have to a decision to have some roots and flowers among the city to show that there still is live even if there is not any humans there.

The last few days i have had some problems with this website but i finally have it run and running again and i am finally able to show some of the concept art from my Prince of Persia and Assassins Creed art books. We are not copying the ideas but we have thought of simular things such as having some flowers and roots so show some live and ruined buildings to show abandonment.

Here is the first drawing i done, which at the time i thought could be one of the first things you see when you enter the cave, with a broken stone gate and in the distance is the police station.

I thought this could be the out skirts of the cave if we are to animate a rat going into the cave

I started coming up with some ideas for some of the buildings as we haven't focused on this yet, it turns out that i am not so great as what i was hoping. I even tried doing some shading for lighting but this did not really work
I simplified this drawing as the group thought i was going into a bit to much detail. Here is a rough idea of what i thought the police station could look like, it also has our group name on it. There are veins climbing up the pillar and some old fashioned windows to give the building some age. The layout of this building was taken from one of the images i took.

Here are a few of my concept art which i have drawn within the last week. They have not been coloured in on photoshop as i do not have it but i shall get it very soon. Once i colour them, it should create a nice atmosphere.

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Today i done some of my own research by taking photos of what i thought were some interesting buildings to help with modelling for when the time comes. I was originally meant to do this on Saturday in Croydon but due to more weather conditions (rain this time) i was unable to do so. I was out with my dad for the day and whilst he was driving i saw some really interesting buildings. The photos i have taken were taken around Sydenham, Lewisham and Forest hill. I hope this will inspire the group to be able to start creating our own sketchs.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

First Lesson as a team!

Okay so the snow went away but decided to rain instead, but we finally got to meet up and start talking about the ideas in mind. I must say that i was previously always the shy girl and never really spoke up within a group, but this time round i did not stop talking. It was quite nice but i do not want to come across bossy or anything like that as that really is not the person i am.

As a team i believe that we are creating an environment which was deserted many years ago which is hidden through a cave. I love the idea that Yuki came up with following a rat though the city. I would love to have some scenes through first person as the rat could be looking up and around the city which would make the buildings look giant to him. Our main building is going to be of a police station.

I brought in four different video game guide books which all had some concept art which i think came in quite useful to our group. Assassins Creed was useful for the ruined buildings which would help with our deserted environment and Prince Of Persia had some lovely overgrown trees and had some lovely colours. We are thinking of having our main colours to be different shades of blues and purple to give a dark and mystic feel. I shall scan in these images as soon as possible to show everyone what ideas have helped up.

We are intending on doing a lot of research of buildings which will include some photography. I want to take a few different images of police stations to get a better understanding of the surroundings. By this time next week we will be able to upload some images of what buildings inspire us, this will be located around London as they have some really old but detailed surroundings.

We had a presentation with the IDEAS students. Which sadly was not to my liking, this is only because a lot of their buildings came across futuristic which is not the general feel we want to give our environment. They did have some really interesting ideas which i feel could be useful at a later date.

Here are a few secondary images to give an idea of what we are thinking of creating:

As a good resource i thought that the film I Am Legend staring Will Smith could be a good source of inspiration as he is all alone is a deserted city, but our environment will be to a much smaller scale. I shall watch this film during the next few days.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

And it begins!

Hello everyone! My latest project is within a group to create a Digital Environment. I was asked by Michelle if i would like to join her, Yuki and Ryan for this unit and with great pleasure i accepted. James is also working with us and i am looking forward to the journey we shall be embarking together.

Since the very start i had some ideas in mind for a group name which are as follows:
*Silent Assassins
*Spider Pigs
*The Nemesis
*The Incredibles
*Shooting Stars

As we are creating an environment there have been a few inspirations in mind which i have pitched to the group, most of them are from video games as you have more freedom to work around and capture the surroundings to what a film offers.
*Assassins Creed
*Spyro the Dragon
*Avatar (the film)
*Resident Evil 2 (a police station)
*Resident Evil 4
*Bioshock (underwater city)
*Dead rising (a shopping mall)

When pitching to the group about the ideas in mind, they have all had an interest in creating a police station which could be in a underground city.
Due to weather conditions, we have not spoken in person or had any lessons about this but i am hoping that we are all going in the right direction. If we do go in this direction then i believe that we may be using Ryan's group name which he came up with which is S.T.A.R.S which relates to the resident evil series.
I have a couple of concept art books which i shall be bringing with me once the snow has gone away so that our group can finally talk in person.

Here are a couple or pictures of the police station in Resident Evil 2 and Bioshock:

The quality of the images are not to the greatest standard but with more research, i hope to find some concept art. There are some images of this but they are only on the characters for the game.

Here are some images from Bioshock which are to a higher standard. We are hoping to combine the two to create something really eye catching.