Friday, 22 January 2010

A mix!

Here shows some ruined buildings which inspired our group to have some ruins in our envionment as our underground city has been abandoned. This will help to show that no one has lived here for a long time. This also indicates a lonely feel to a envionment.

When looking through this book, when we saw this page most of us were blown away and really wanted to include a ancient tree. This however would not really go with our envionment so we have to a decision to have some roots and flowers among the city to show that there still is live even if there is not any humans there.

The last few days i have had some problems with this website but i finally have it run and running again and i am finally able to show some of the concept art from my Prince of Persia and Assassins Creed art books. We are not copying the ideas but we have thought of simular things such as having some flowers and roots so show some live and ruined buildings to show abandonment.

Here is the first drawing i done, which at the time i thought could be one of the first things you see when you enter the cave, with a broken stone gate and in the distance is the police station.

I thought this could be the out skirts of the cave if we are to animate a rat going into the cave

I started coming up with some ideas for some of the buildings as we haven't focused on this yet, it turns out that i am not so great as what i was hoping. I even tried doing some shading for lighting but this did not really work
I simplified this drawing as the group thought i was going into a bit to much detail. Here is a rough idea of what i thought the police station could look like, it also has our group name on it. There are veins climbing up the pillar and some old fashioned windows to give the building some age. The layout of this building was taken from one of the images i took.

Here are a few of my concept art which i have drawn within the last week. They have not been coloured in on photoshop as i do not have it but i shall get it very soon. Once i colour them, it should create a nice atmosphere.

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