Wednesday, 13 January 2010

And it begins!

Hello everyone! My latest project is within a group to create a Digital Environment. I was asked by Michelle if i would like to join her, Yuki and Ryan for this unit and with great pleasure i accepted. James is also working with us and i am looking forward to the journey we shall be embarking together.

Since the very start i had some ideas in mind for a group name which are as follows:
*Silent Assassins
*Spider Pigs
*The Nemesis
*The Incredibles
*Shooting Stars

As we are creating an environment there have been a few inspirations in mind which i have pitched to the group, most of them are from video games as you have more freedom to work around and capture the surroundings to what a film offers.
*Assassins Creed
*Spyro the Dragon
*Avatar (the film)
*Resident Evil 2 (a police station)
*Resident Evil 4
*Bioshock (underwater city)
*Dead rising (a shopping mall)

When pitching to the group about the ideas in mind, they have all had an interest in creating a police station which could be in a underground city.
Due to weather conditions, we have not spoken in person or had any lessons about this but i am hoping that we are all going in the right direction. If we do go in this direction then i believe that we may be using Ryan's group name which he came up with which is S.T.A.R.S which relates to the resident evil series.
I have a couple of concept art books which i shall be bringing with me once the snow has gone away so that our group can finally talk in person.

Here are a couple or pictures of the police station in Resident Evil 2 and Bioshock:

The quality of the images are not to the greatest standard but with more research, i hope to find some concept art. There are some images of this but they are only on the characters for the game.

Here are some images from Bioshock which are to a higher standard. We are hoping to combine the two to create something really eye catching.

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