Thursday, 14 January 2010

First Lesson as a team!

Okay so the snow went away but decided to rain instead, but we finally got to meet up and start talking about the ideas in mind. I must say that i was previously always the shy girl and never really spoke up within a group, but this time round i did not stop talking. It was quite nice but i do not want to come across bossy or anything like that as that really is not the person i am.

As a team i believe that we are creating an environment which was deserted many years ago which is hidden through a cave. I love the idea that Yuki came up with following a rat though the city. I would love to have some scenes through first person as the rat could be looking up and around the city which would make the buildings look giant to him. Our main building is going to be of a police station.

I brought in four different video game guide books which all had some concept art which i think came in quite useful to our group. Assassins Creed was useful for the ruined buildings which would help with our deserted environment and Prince Of Persia had some lovely overgrown trees and had some lovely colours. We are thinking of having our main colours to be different shades of blues and purple to give a dark and mystic feel. I shall scan in these images as soon as possible to show everyone what ideas have helped up.

We are intending on doing a lot of research of buildings which will include some photography. I want to take a few different images of police stations to get a better understanding of the surroundings. By this time next week we will be able to upload some images of what buildings inspire us, this will be located around London as they have some really old but detailed surroundings.

We had a presentation with the IDEAS students. Which sadly was not to my liking, this is only because a lot of their buildings came across futuristic which is not the general feel we want to give our environment. They did have some really interesting ideas which i feel could be useful at a later date.

Here are a few secondary images to give an idea of what we are thinking of creating:

As a good resource i thought that the film I Am Legend staring Will Smith could be a good source of inspiration as he is all alone is a deserted city, but our environment will be to a much smaller scale. I shall watch this film during the next few days.

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