Monday, 1 March 2010

Team Work!

Well with the last week to be able to complete everything, this is how are are getting on.

Since the modeling stages i have been helping out James with composating everything into one scene. Jared did not like the texture for our police station as it was not consistent with the other buildings, which was a big down fall for me as i thought the police station portrayed really well. At first we were all too stubborn to change this, but as the days past i thought to myself, wait a minute, Jared is our client and we should do whatever he wants to make the environment as best we can to please him and our audience.
This has made me realise that i need to listen harder to what people have to say, if i was in the real career world, i wouldn't last long if i wasn't taking in there opinions properly. Even if this means i have to change something over and over again, i need to focus on how this will make everything a success and it will all be worth it in the end.

I am now starting to animate what ever i can which is not really all that much. Everyone forgot about rigging the flowers so i am unable to animate them which was one of the things i wanted to do most. Michelle said to me though, that i would have to animate each one separately and there are over 50, so maybe i am glad about that now. Animating 50 flowers would take some time and i have other things to think about.
I am now animating the bin rolling across the cave ground as a rock falls right beside it which knocks the bin over. This makes the cave slightly spooky to think that things are still moving even though there is no one living in this environment.
I am also going to animate one of the house doors opening and slamming shut.

Michelle has worked on the camera movement so i will just need to place the animation to the camera movement and set the timing right, but this should not take long. At first Michelle had wobble movement to portray the rat scuffling across the ground but this made Jared motion sick. So that was scrapped and we now have a new one in place, which is much smoother and she has been able to place everything into the scene, which is great as this means that no ones work has gone to waste.

James has done an amazing job with the lighting!! It really makes the environment come alive and this has completely changed the setting of the place. This is just what we was looking for and i think he has done a really good job in capturing this. James has actually made me want to do some experimenting on lighting myself!
Talking of this subject, James and i were up late last night having contact through the Internet setting up the street lamps. He set them up and wanted advice on what we all thought of them but as time went on, it was getting late and only James and i were still on at about 11pm. We found that the colour of the cave was the result of how bright the lights actually were in the scene so after a few different experiments with that we found one which works nicely. We had to make the cave darker than it originally was. I was a little worried that this would take away detail from the cave itself but i was proven wrong. James has even done some animating his self by having the lights flickering. I was going to do this at first but as he was working on the lighting he took that on board too.

So we have, a bin rolling across the ground, a front door opening and slamming shut, a few rocks falling and flickering lights. I would have liked a few more but i can not really think of what else we could do.

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